Vitality Support Kit

Complete package of superfoods, supplements and products to enhance your cleanse and support vibrant health. 
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Product  Benefits   Use & Dosage 
cacao powder Cacao Powder 1 lb  High in minerals & antioxidants, for energy & mental clarity   Great in smoothies! 
hemp seeds Hemp Seeds 1lb  Great source of protein, healthy fats, Iron and Vitamin A   Use in smoothies & on salads 
gogi berries Goji Berries 1 lb  High in minerals, antioxidants & Vitamin A, low in sugar   Use in smoothies & on salads 
spirulina tablets Spirulina-Chlorella Tabs 1000 Count  Iron Great source of complete protein, calms & alkalinizes the body   Take 4 tabs in am and pm 
vanilla powder Vanilla Bean Powder 8oz   Relaxes the nervous system harmonizes with cacao   Use with the cacao powder 
Green Powder Mix 8 oz  Super nutrition-promotes digestion, metabolism & stress managements   put in smoothies or juice 
green powder Green Powder 150 Caps  Perfect super nutrition in easy on-the-the caps   take 4 caps in am and pm 
  Q Digest Digestive Enzymes  Helps body to digest & metabolize complex meals   take 4-5 caps before meals 
  Probiotic 30 caps  Full spectrum flora which supports healthy intestinal bacteria   After cleanse-take 1 cap in am and pm 
tomato powder Tomato Concentrate 10 oz  Great for heart, high in potassium, rich in antioxidants which support cell health   Add to soups or dressings 
Nutritional Flakes 8 oz  Excellent complete protein, full spectrum B complex, Immune support, Liver support   Add to salads, soups or dressings 
nori Raw Nori Seaweed Sheets 50 pack  Very high in essential minerals for energy, gland & organ support   Add to salads, soups or use for veggie roll 
minerals Liquid Travel Minerals 4 oz  84 essential minerals-increases energy, vitality & mental clarity   5-10 drops in 8 oz water in am & pm 
vitamins Liquid Travel Vitamins 4 oz  Easy to assimilate vitamin B-complex- manages stress, increases immunity   5-10 drops in 8 oz water in am & pm 
  Medi Body Bath 25 oz  Detox bath made with various types of clay, magma, Zeolite & herbal complex   Place 1-2 cups in bathwater & soak